Healinhouse is a comprehensive global supply chain integration brand covering B2B and B2C business. C-end products are mainly Healmat Series and healthy small appliances. Including tourmaline far-infrared heating mats, 7 colourful rainbow chakra photon energy mats, tourmaline jade mesh portable heating mats, jade, amethyst, tourmaline gravel photon PEMF health mats, massager, low voltage products, non-heated tourmaline products. Healinhouse takes the advantage of the integration of high-quality global raw material suppliers to bring high-quality and cost-effective products to brand owners and end consumers.

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H.TODAY is a global brand owned by our subsidiary Today E-Commerce (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. which focuses on the European and American markets with the highest-end products in the industry. H.TODAY has registered trademarks in more than 30 countries around the world. At present, H.TODAY has H Classic Series and H Noble Series. The main products of H Classic Series are classic 7 colour rainbow chakra multifunctional physiotherapy mattresses. The main products of H Noble Series are natural amethyst and tourmaline far-infrared heating mattresses. H.TODAY brand only produces the most high-end products in the health industry. It uses the best raw materials and design, leading a new way of high-quality and healthy life.

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HH mainly focuses on products with new form & new designs in the same industry around the world. At present, there are mainly 4 series products: Cerastal Series (ceramic ball crystal far-infrared heating mattress); Amethyst Energy Series (natural amethyst tourmaline PEMF energy mattress); Amethyst Series (100% natural amethyst far-infrared heating mattress); Crystal Series (white crystal colourful physiotherapy mattress). HH is a brand owned by our subsidiary Today E-Commerce (Liaoning) Co., Ltd. The design of HH brand product is fashionable and unique.

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